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Your Personal Details:

OMNI FACTORS is subject to the Turkish legislation on information security and the data collected in any way (survey, contest, campaign participation, form filling, etc.) within this site is used by OMNI FACTORS for business purposes such as marketing related products and services. While sending data to OMNI FACTORS, you accept that OMNI FACTORS can use the personal data in question and you have your consent in this regard.


(I) To provide information about products and services that may be relevant to you;

(II) To be able to do market research;

(III) It will store and use this information (and other information it has acquired about you over time) now and in the future in order to provide the specified products and services.

In addition, OMNI FACTORS may disclose this information to other companies for the above purposes. In particular, the agency to be assigned by OMNI FACTORS or OMNI FACTORS itself can use your phone number to call you for the marketing of products. If you do not want OMNI FACTORS or its affiliated institutions to continue using the information, please contact OMNI FACTORS using the contact information given above.

Automatic Collection of Non-Personal Data:

Non-personal information about you can be collected automatically as you use the site (for example, the internet browser you use to access the site). This type of information does not reveal your identity.