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Omni Factors
Omni Factors

All the data, none of the hassle

Omni Factors is a Fivetran Consulting Partner who can help you implement and maintain a modern data analytics environment. Fivetran data connectors continuously replicate data from your business sources into your cloud warehouse, so you’ll always have the information you need – no matter how many apps you use or how many queries you run.

Reliable, seamless, unstoppable

Fivetran is an incredibly easy-to-use platform which keeps up with API changes and pulls fresh, rich data in minutes. Analyze data immediately with automatically applied updates for columns, tables, and rows.

Power your analytics with data transformation

Fivetran develops and maintains data models for dbt (data build tool) to provide you a low-code solution that saves crucial data engineering resources. Easily turn raw single or multi-source data into reliable, analytics-ready data sets to accelerate time-to-value.

Improve your data management with
Fivetran’s abilities and Omni Factors’ expertise.